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DBN & Dohr & Mangold – Tromp It

IT's an all german expierence here on 'Tromp It, where we see DBN teaming up with Dohr & Mangold. Tromp It is that a tune that will make the ...
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Roul and Doors – Melody in Harmony out in all stores

Already released on as a 2 weeks exclusive. Get your hands on Roul and Doors - Melody in Harmony in these stores: iTunes, Spotify, D...
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Roul and Doors – Melody In Harmony

With their track 'Blackout' (together with Franky Rizardo) they dropped one of the big sumnmer anthems of 2012.  Just when you think it's impossi...
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Dennis van der Geest – “Bring the Noise” out on all stores.

We have released Dennis van der Geest his EP including remixes by Funkerman, Beauriche and Dennis van der Geest vs Kid De Luca exclusive for 2 we...
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Roul and Doors - Melody in Harmony

Roul and Doors – Melody in Harmony

Roul and Doors will release their new track Melody in Harmony on our Flamingo Recordings imprint. This release is expected to land on the 25th o...
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Jewelz & Scott Sparks – Flashbang

Fresh after their smash single Toxic Rush the German duo drop they second track on Flamingo Recordings. In the style of Toxic Rush, this new trac...
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