At the age of 16 he started his first Ibiza residency and 17 years later he’s still in the business with his second release on Flamingo Recording. A chat with Will Clarke!

Could you please tell us something about yourself? Where do you live and how did you become a dj/producer?
Hey guys, so I have been a DJ for the last 8 years and producing for the last 4 years. My DJin career started when I was at the ripe age of 13 with my first gig in my local city Bristol. It all began from there slowly moved on to Ibiza at the age of 16 with my first residency in Ibiza at 17. 5 years later and here I am now.

You have a new release coming up on Flamingo Recordings. Could you fill us in about how you produced this new track?
Ok so the idea started with a real simple 4/4 kick with the bass mirroring the kick. I then added my jacking percussion and it seemed to grow from there. Once I finished the track I knew it needed some vocals and id been working with Mr Eyez on a few other projects. He sent over some ideas and we ended with Cyanide. Very simple but effective track and I hope other people enjoy it.


Do you have any other new tracks which will be released the next coming months?
Yeah got lots coming out in the coming month, Snatch! Has just snapped up 2 tracks, Seemless is releasing a 2 track E.P. on Vinyl, Maquina Music is releasing a couple along with a collaboration between myself and Greg Stainer.

If you can remix your favorite classic track, which track will it be and why?
I’d love to remix The Source Ft. Candi Staton – its for sure my favourite track ever brings back lots of memories and it would be amazing to do an official remix of it but doubt that would ever happen.

If you had to choose would it be DJ’ing or producing and why?
This is always the hardest question ever and I don’t think I can answer it but il try my best… I think it would be producing only for the reason I can probably do it for longer cos nobody would want to book a 70 year old DJ.

What are your biggest and favorite tracks of the moment on the dance floor or on your playlist?
I’m really liking what T.Williams, Robert Owens, Dusky and Scuba are making. At the moment there are some really solid producers.


Which producer are you most impressed by from a technical point of view?
Another hard questions there are lots of technically good producers, I couldn’t name one in particular.

About your musical influences, who has had an impact on you through the years and are there any new acts that have caught your attention recently?
Musical influences at the moment are old school house with a slight garage influence. I think the people that have helped me develop my sound are the likes of Riva Starr, Copyright, Claude Von Stroke, Joe Goddard and the list will go on. I personally try and take lots of different approaches to producing to keep  my sound fresh and evolving.

Music is obviously your passion, but is there anything else that you equally enjoy?
I used to be a very keen rugby player, playing for the county where I live, a sport that I had grown up on from the day I was born and will be my favorite sport. Sadly I don’t play that often so just try and keep fit in the gym and running.


Do you have any advice for upcoming producers or dj’s?
The harder you work the further you will go. Don’t come in the industry for money, come in to the industry because you love music. Get to know people and always be respectful people will remember you for that.

What’s the next thing for you to do?
I’ve actually just been signed to Two Point Zero Agency, so for the rest of the year it will be lots of travelling for gigs and lots more time in the studio working on more tracks.

Thanks for having me guys.

Listen now to Will Clarke ft. Mr. Eyez – Cyanide
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