Roul and Doors are 2 DJ’s/producers from Holland which are mainly noticed for their own sound. Their tracks already played by various major DJ’s and they recently made ​​their appearance in the Ministry of Sound club London invited by Fedde le Grand. Let’s chat with these guys who recently released Melody in Harmony on our label. It’s available on Beatport:

Could you guys please tell us something about yourself? Where are you both live, how do you met each other and how did you both become a dj/producer?

Doors: We both live in Utrecht. A very lovely city in the middle of Holland and just 30 minutes from Amsterdam and perfectly located for our gigs in Holland and abroad. We met when we were doing our studies in Maastricht. We both joined the same study association where we got the possibility of joining the DJ committee. I didn’t have any intention to pursue a professional career, but I was hooked straight away, that’s for sure!

Roul: At that time we were playing all kinds of different music and sometimes we ended up playing together just for fun. We noticed directly that we had a very similar attitude about how to entertain the people, sometimes even picking exactly the same record out of thousands of options! That’s also when we decided to hook up production wise and see what we could come up with. We signed our first single Revelation to Hardsoul Pressings just when we were finishing our studies, so we decided to go for it.

Melody in Harmony is our newest release on Flamingo Recordings. Could you fill us in about how you produced this new track?
Roul: The track started out with the percussive lead melody and an old live kickdrum. We tried to get the “melody in harmony” and bring in some warmth and a mainroom feeling. This was one hell of a challenge because we aimed for an original and ear catching progression. When the creative part was finished we started arranging and mixing to make the individual elements work together and fill the track with its distinctive energy.

Do you have any other new tracks which will be released the next coming months?
Doors: Yes, we’re very happy to announce that our long awaited remix for Hardsoul’s Song For Unity is finally finished and will be released soon. Furthermore we’re working on several tracks and collabs which need a finishing touch, so hopefully a lot more RnD Musik soon.

If you can remix your favorite classic track, which track will it be and why?
Roul: I have to say there are so many good ones to choose from. Remixing Sandcastles by Jerome Sydenham and Dennis Ferrer would be a big honor.

Doors: Herd & Fitz – Just Can’t Get Enough. Around the time when this track got released we were getting more serious about house music and I started to visit the festivals and club parties. Erick Morillo was my hero and personal favorite and I went to visit him for the first time in Fabrik, Madrid. It was such an awesome experience, but especially when he played this track, it gave me goosebumps straight away and I will never forget that.

If you had to choose would it be DJ’ing or producing and why?
Doors: That’s probably one of the hardest questions to answer given that it is so special to see people go crazy on the dancefloor, especially when we’re playing out our own productions. But If I really had to choose, then at the moment I would go for DJing. You can get such a rush at certain gigs, wouldn’t want to miss out on that!

Roul: I love the connection with our audience during our gigs. However, producing for me is about creating something new. The moment when you’re in the studio and you know you can grasp that intangible creative feeling is priceless for me.


What are your biggest and favorite tracks of the moment on the dance floor or on your playlist?
Doors: Gregor Salto – Bumblebeat (Forthcoming). It has such a nice bounce and crazy energy, it always works. For the more deeper moments Tariq – Calona.

Roul: Disclosure ft. Aluna George – White Noise, Derrick Banks – Yolo

Which producer are you most impressed by from a technical point of view?
Roul: Dirty South for his phat melodic sound, Diplo for his creativity.

Doors: Nicky Romero for dance music. His sound is out of this world.

About your musical influences, who has had an impact on you through the years and are there any new acts that have caught your attention recently?
Doors: I’ve been influenced by so many different artists, from Dr. Dre/Timbaland/Neptunes to Michael Jackson/Bill Withers to Coldplay/Keane/Ben Howard/Bonobo to David Guetta/Erick Morillo/Hardsoul/Calvin Harris. It’s hard to pinpoint when each of them had their influence. I think you always memorize some musical feeling when listening to your favorite artists which you somehow incorporate in your music. A new act which caught my attention is Disclosure, love every song so far.

Roul: From a DJ perspective Roog/Hardsoul and Erick Morillo were a huge source of inspiration for me. Musically, artists like Michael Jackson/Van Morrison/Sting/Fatboy Slim/Prodigy/NERD and so on. I ain’t gonna be that original in the eyes of many probably but Coldplay manages to give me new energy to make music over and over again.


Music is obviously your passion, but is there anything else that you equally enjoy? 
Roul: Music is our life and to keep ourselves going we both enjoy a good meal and love to work out.
And ofcourse I like to spend as much time as possible with my friends and family.

Doors: At the moment it’s all about the music, but one thing which comes very close is sports. Preference for soccer and skiing. O…and good food!!

Do you have any advice for upcoming producers or dj’s?
Doors: Be persistent, explore new sounds, don’t copy, enjoy what you do, have self-confidence and go for it.

Roul: Focus on the positive things in life and get inspired by others.

What’s the next thing for you to do?
Roul: I’m currently finishing our new track (no title yet). After that I’ll be working on some cool collaborations with known and less known artists. Besides, we’re busy with developing our sound in new ways to keep our audience inspired and dancing.

Doors: Putting the finishing touches on the organizational and promotional things for our new concept called Elementss which we will launch at Club Vie (Rotterdam) March 2 and Millers (Den Haag) March 30! Excited!

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