Dennis van der Geest his track “bring the noise” was released last Monday on our label. A quick chat with the DJ who became famous as an Olympic athlete in martial arts and is now growing as a well-known DJ.

Could you please tell us something about yourself? Where do you live and how did you become a dj/producer?
I was born in Haarlem on 27th june 1975 and I live in Bloemendaal now. My parents had a gym so I was there most of my youth. Besides Judo, what I did professionally, and even made it to winning a world title, I was always into music. I had friends who were DJ already, like Marnix Bal and Gregor Salto and after winning some money with a judo competition I bought a few turntables. Since the 70’s my parents also gave jazz ballet on their gym, so we had every danceable disoc “12 in house. So I started mixing disco when I was 18, and when I financially could, bought some house vinyls too.


You have a new release on Flamingo Recordings. Could you fill us in about how you produced this new track?
I know Ardie now for a few years and when I was in his studio we worked on a simple beat and the vocal sample of the track. I took it home and made a deep mix. But because I really love to play groovy techhouse in my sets I decided to make another mix, what would fit a bit better in my sets. So the deep bass mix was there before the original. All tracks are really glued around the vocal sample and I think each track does what the vocal says: bring the noise! Funkerman and Beauriche made the remixes, and I was very happy with their results.

Do you have any other new tracks which will be released the next coming months?
27th March ‘Everybody Dance’ on Vamos music. Also in March on Move records a track called Bom Bal Bee, and I will release a track on Zulu, My digital enemy is remixing it right now☺, happy with that one.

If you can remix your favorite classic track, which track will it be and why?
I would love to have the parts of James Brown’s Sex machine 😉

If you had to choose would it be DJ’ing or producing and why?
I started as a DJ, and I would choose that because I like to perform live, its like the same feeling as I had when I was doing a judo competition. Big difference that my audience looks a lot prettier than my former opponents.


What are your biggest and favorite tracks of the moment on the dance floor or on your playlist?
Raw Basses by Jay Lumen, Jack by Mike Newman are tracks I really like at the moment

Which producer are you most impressed by from a technical point of view?
Calvin Harris. And I would love to look a few hours over the shoulder of Joris Voorn.

About your musical influences, who has had an impact on you through the years and are there any new acts that have caught your attention recently?
One of my best friends is Ronald Molendijk, who was one of the pioneers of house music in the Netherlands. We have a studio together in Haarlem. When I started to DJ a bit more professionally I learned a lot from him, especially about timing in your set.

Music is obviously your passion, but is there anything else that you equally enjoy?
Still like to lift some weights, and sweating my ass of on the tatami with a judo session.


Do you have any advice for upcoming producers or dj’s?
Trial and error with a smile. Try finding someone close by who is better than you and wants to share his expertise.

What’s the next thing for you to do?
Preparing my next “Sounds from the Loft” Podcast for iTunes. Check it out here:

Listen now to Dennis van der Geest’s “Bring the noise”
For more info about Dennis check his website: