Last week Billy The Kit had his first release on Flamingo Recordings together with his friend Loopers called READY! This DJ from The Hague, which started as a dj at the age of 14, is on the verge of a massive summer tour through Europe for 6 weeks in a row with another country every day. Let’s have a quick chat..

Could you please tell us something about yourself? Where do you live and how did you become a dj/producer?
My real name is Joost Seilberger and my DJ name is Billy The Kit. I was born in the most beautiful city of The Netherlands: The Hague and I still live there. My father has played in several bands during the 60’s, so music was as important in the family as anything else. At an early age I started experimenting with music, playing instruments like the saxophone and the piano. At the age of 14 I started producing, DJ-ing and buying Vinyl.


Lately you released Ready on Flamingo Recordings. Could you tell us about how you produced this new track?
Loopers is a very talented producer and he lives only 20 minutes from my place, so we actually just hooked up and started out in his studio. The basic idea was to make an electro track with a different kind of breakdown than any of the other stuff that is coming out at the moment. Soon the first version was made in Loopers’ studio and a week later we finished it in my studio. We worked together with FL studio and Ableton.

Do you have any other new tracks, which will be released the next coming months?
Yes! My next release is on Tiësto’s imprint Musical Freedom (collab with Blasterjaxx)! Release date June 4th.And right now ‘Burn It Down’ is out on Universal Music. It’s doing great on the Dutch radio stations!

If you can remix your favorite classic track, which track will it be and why?
Ultra Nate – Free is definitely my favorite classic. It’s a track that takes me on a trip down memory lane, to the start of my career and becoming a huge fan of house music in general.


If you had to choose would it be DJ’ing or producing and why?
DJ-ing. That’s how it all started for me and I just love all the new technical opportunities nowadays. One week off and my CDJ’s are the first that I really miss J.

What are your biggest and favorite tracks of the moment on the dance floor or on your playlist?
Ready!!!! And my new release Loud And Proud (Musical Freedom, June 4th)

Which producer are you most impressed by from a technical point of view?
Laidback Luke, Fedde Le Grand and Showtek

About your musical influences, who has had an impact on you through the years and are there any new acts that have caught your attention recently?
Erick E and Fedde Le Grand were important to me in the beginning of my career. When I was still a bedroom DJ, they already played the big festivals and every now and then I was given the opportunity to join them and learn what it’s all about. New talents: Loopers and Blasterjaxx keep an eye on those guys 🙂

Music is obviously your passion, but is there anything else that you equally enjoy?
To be Hanging out with my friends is coming close though 🙂 !


Do you have any advice for upcoming producers or dj’s?
Create your own sound, watch, listen, invest, be patient and learn.

What’s the next thing for you to do?
My summer tour, touring through Europe for 6 weeks in a row, another country every day! Can’t wait to be on the road again!