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Flamingo Ibiza 2015 out now!

Mixed and curated by Holl & Rush, Flamingo Ibiza 2015 features the finest house music from the Flamingo school of producers from around the world...
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Flamingo Miami 2015

Flamingo Miami 2015 mixed by Kaj Melsen

Flamingo Recordings brings back the highly anticipated ‘Flamingo Miami’ compilation series for a fifth instalment; ‘Flamingo Miami 2015. With a t...
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Flamingo Nights vol. 3 Amsterdam

Flamingo Nights volume 3 - Amsterdam is mixed by 2 very talented producers Nicky Romero & Deniz Koyu. Tracklist: CD1 : Mixed by Nicky R...
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Flamingo Nights vol. 2 New York

Flamingo Nights volume 2 - New York is mixed by our own DJ Funkerman together with Soul Conspiracy. Tracklist: CD1 : Mixed by Funkerman &am...
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Flamingo NIghts vol. 1 Ibiza

Flamingo Nights volume 1 - Ibiza is mixed by our own DJ's Fedde le Grand and Funkerman. Tracklist: CD1 : Mixed by Fedde le Grand & Funk...
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