Our latest release is Kitchen by Dutch talented DJ Joeysuki. After some clubbing seven years ago Joey decided to ask some advice from his nephew how to produce music and started to create his own tracks. Things started rolling from there and now-days he lives for the music.. This is well worth some questions for this DJ..

Could you please tell us something about yourself? Where do you live and how did you become a dj/producer?
Well I am Joey, I’m 24 years old and living in the beautiful, sunny south of Holland. About 7 years ago I started with DJ-ing in the local clubs and cafes but I wanted more then just playing someone else’s music. My nephew was already producing music at the time and so I asked him to help me out with the equipment. We went to a music store together and I bought my first production set. After that I locked my self up in the studio for about a year and I managed to get my first official release after 1 year! Things started rolling from there, I got more releases, got more DJ gigs and remix requests etc etc and now music is my life! And I couldn’t have wished for anything more.


You recently released KITCHEN on Flamingo Recordings. Could you fill us in about how you produced this new track?
Yeah of course, it actually was a weird way of working and I think that’s what you hear in the final result of the track. The idea behind the track was to create something different. I started of with listening to beat samples and decided to throw any sample that I liked into the working platform without considering if one would go well with another. Then I started to create a beat loop and rhythm with those samples and I wanted to add a ‘weird’ sounding instrument on it. I opened up a audio unit called Synthplant, this synth is a plant and that’s already weird enough haha! I started tuning and “kitchen” was born. Every step in this production progress was made with this question in the back of my head: “Would I normally use this sound?” if the answer was ‘no’, I used it for the track.

Do you have any other new tracks which will be released the next coming months?
I actually got a lot of new material ready! I can give you a sneak peak about my first upcoming release, it’s called “Builder” and you might have heard it in my sets already! Besides this track I’m shopping labels for the other tracks at the moment.

If you can remix your favorite classic track, which track will it be and why?
I actually have no idea, I really like ‘Dee-lite – groove is in the heart’ but I’m not sure if I want to remix it because it’s hard to top the original! Some things are better to be left alone haha.


If you had to choose would it be DJ’ing or producing and why?
That will be DJ’ing because there is nothing more satisfying then seeing a crowd go wild during your set!

What are your biggest and favorite tracks of the moment on the dance floor or on your playlist?
That will be the W&W remix of “This is what it feels like”, that’s such a huge track! And Knife Party’s ‘LRAD’ also does the job haha.

Which producer are you most impressed by from a technical point of view?
The swedes keep surprising me with their incredible technique but Hardwell also is a great producer that keeps evolving his own sound, mad respect for that!

About your musical influences, who has had an impact on you through the years and are there any new acts that have caught your attention recently?
It’s not just one person that has influenced me with his music, I think that a lot of producers have influenced me. I really like to listen to productions from Axwell, Hardwell, Laidback Luke, Deniz Koyu, John Dahlback and Chocolate Puma. There’s definitely a lot of great talent at the moment. I’m really diggin’ the work of Sick Individuals, you should keep an eye on them.

Music is obviously your passion, but is there anything else that you equally enjoy?
I can really enjoy some time of with friends, that’s something what I really like to do when I’m not making music or touring. That goes from bowling to gaming and drinking beer haha.

Do you have any advice for upcoming producers or dj’s?
Keep having faith and don’t let anything strike you down. It’s a tough world out there but if you believe in what you do then things will finally work out. Whatever you do, don’t compare yourself to anyone else, it’s good to be different!

What’s the next thing for you to do?
Well I’m actually working hard to get my own label started. There’s a lot of work involved to get that done but it’s almost there! Besides that there are still a lot of studio projects that need to be finalized so there’s a lot of work to do haha.

Listen to Joeysuki’s Kitchen here: http://www.flamingorecordings.com/?p=959
Out now Exclusive at Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/kitchen/1079661